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Do’s and Don’t of Thai Lakorn #2

Lakorn watchers know that in lakorns there always will be a person who will hate the pra’ek or nang’ek and that it will eventually lead to that person trying to get rid of them. These are the does and don’t for this friday. Continue reading

Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai ends with a……

This week Ploy and Dome’s lakorn Love will not die ended. They were able to over come the hardship of defeating the other vampires and Jaipome was able to become human. Continue reading

Do’s & Don’ts of Lakorn #1


This idea just came to me after watching a random lakorn. I’m sure lakorn lovers have at least one thing that eirks them when watching a lakorn. I know I do and it’s not just one there are many. I’m going to start a do and don’t for Thai lakorns on Fridays just for fun.

Continue reading

Game Rai Game Ruk

For Yadech fans the favorite couple is coming back together in this new lakorn, Game Rai Game Ruk or Evil game Love Game. A news clip is embed below. The storyline is told in the clip so I won’t post it here. Thanks to Wishboniko for subbing it!


Kularb Rai Glai Ruk

กุหลาบร้ายกลายรัก, Kularb Rai Glai Ruk, or Evil Rose becomes Love, is the new weekend lakorn airing on CH 3 starring Great and Matt.

Naet (Matt) is a young women who finds out from her father that he is getting remarried not only that but to a younger woman closer to her age. She is not happy with her fathers choice and tries to ruin the wedding but her step-uncle Choonchanok won’t allow his sister to get hurt and stops Naet’s every move. Continue reading

Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai

Ploy and Domes new lakorn “Love can never die” is out! This real ex-couple re-teamed to make this lakorn about a 400 year old vampire who is trying to break the curse that turned him into a vampire. Dome plays the pale vampire who is trying to collect the treasure that his father and uncle stole turning them into vampires. Ploy plays a clumsy girl who helps Dome with finding the treasure. Continue reading

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CH3 Upcoming lakorns

Credits: Anonymousblue2001

With the new year here Ch3 held an conference for their new lakorns year that will air during the first half of the year.