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Detective Cha: Review

I was finally able to watch Detective Cha with Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri a week ago and it did not live up to its hype. I was a little happy with the two reuniting after Hong Gil Dong because they had great chemistry but I don’t think that it helped this movie. Continue reading

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Kang Ji Hwan has a new movie coming out!! Co-staring with Sung Yu Ri who collaborated with him in Hong Gil Dong. KJW plays a detective who is sent undercover as a model. Although it may sound a little boring the character he plays is overweight, dirty and just not your average Korean Joe. Sung Yu Ri plays the fashion designers who has to give him a make over.

(Isn’t he just handsome? ^_^)

Below is the trailer that just been recently released.

I’m looking forward to this! KJW and SYR were pretty hilarious in HGD so I can’t wait to see the hilarity that ensues.

Detective Cha

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