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Sector 7 : Review

I watched this movie one day randomly with the family and could not stop laughing. I’ve my share of monster movies and this one was just stupid. I thought that coming from the director who made “The Host” it was going to be good yet it was the other way around. Continue reading

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Detective Cha: Review

I was finally able to watch Detective Cha with Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri a week ago and it did not live up to its hype. I was a little happy with the two reuniting after Hong Gil Dong because they had great chemistry but I don’t think that it helped this movie. Continue reading

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Kang Ji Hwan has a new movie coming out!! Co-staring with Sung Yu Ri who collaborated with him in Hong Gil Dong. KJW plays a detective who is sent undercover as a model. Although it may sound a little boring the character he plays is overweight, dirty and just not your average Korean Joe. Sung Yu Ri plays the fashion designers who has to give him a make over.

(Isn’t he just handsome? ^_^)

Below is the trailer that just been recently released.

I’m looking forward to this! KJW and SYR were pretty hilarious in HGD so I can’t wait to see the hilarity that ensues.

Detective Cha

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Hello Ghost

Waking up from a failed suicide and seeing four ghosts is what happened to Kang Sang Min. A chain smoking taxi driver, a perverted old man, a constantly cry lady and a playful child with a sweet tooth. They start to change his life which leads him to full their last wish so that they can leave. Hilarity ensues as they take over his body to full their wishes.

Continue reading

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Ajusshi Review

As expected of “The Man from Nowhere” or “Ajusshi” it was an amazin movie.¬† I can’t think of a better actor to be Tae Shik other than Won Bin. The man is amazingly hot and can act you can’t really find a lot of those. Continue reading

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